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Containment Systems

ProActive Hazmat's shrink-wrap system can be engineered to fit around any scaffold or structure and are ideally suited for negative-pressure containment for hazardous materials abatement.

Dust and Infection Control During Construction and Renovation

Construction activities can release dust containing fungal spores and bacteria that can be serious or fatal and therefore require rigorous infection control protocols. Our highly-trained ProActive staff adheres to the highest infection control standards.

On-site, the ProActive Hazmat creates and maintains negative air pressure in work zones adjacent to public areas for maximum infection control in construction. We monitor negative airflow inside rigid barriers and review documentation to verify that pressure differentials were appropriate for their settings. For significant repairs in areas that include removal of ceiling tiles & disruption of the space above the false ceiling, we follow infection containment protocols to control and remove dust.

Exterior Containments For Cold, Wet Weather

ProActive Hazmat installs professional-looking weather wrap containment which, is fire-retardant shrunk tight and seamless. Our exterior containment systems protect your staff and construction project from winds, rain, and snow and suited for negative-pressure containment for hazardous materials abatement.

When you are working in wet, rainy weather, we will ensure that none of your areas of the abatement project are exposed to the elements and potential containment failure. We will provide a shrink-wrap system to fit around any scaffold or structure. We can expertly tailor our exterior wrap to each project’s unique requirements.

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