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Safety For All

We are fully committed to the protection of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and the environment.

Putting Safety First

At ProActive Hazmat, we’re very proud of our safety record. We are fully committed to the maintenance of health and safety standards in the workplace during all our projects.

In support of incident prevention, we conduct workplace inspections on a regular basis and consistently work in accordance with laws and official rules and regulations regarding health and safety, wherever we operate.

We ensure that all our employees are fully trained and educated in health and safety procedures and always carry out detailed investigations should any safety incidents occur during one of our projects.

Safety Certified

We have been a COR (Certificate Of Recognition) company since 2010 so our Occupational Health and Safety Program has undergone stringent audits. We also subscribe to, and have been accredited by, Complyworks and ContractorCheck. A number of our clients require this accreditation prior to being qualified to work on their projects.

BCCSA COR Certified
Contractor Check

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